Comprehensive Guide to eCommerce Development Solutions

The word eCommerce has been creating a buzz in the internet world. It has disrupted the market space and has given businesses countless new opportunities. eCommerce solutions have benefited many businesses and increased their ROI. An eCommerce website bridges the gap between a buy and seller and brings both entities on one platform. It makes it convenient for people to shop anywhere, anytime across the globe. As a result, there’s a significant surge in the number of people who use these websites. Building a custom eCommerce store doesn’t take too much time, money, or technical knowledge. You can hire a professional eCommerce web design company and get a store developed according to your needs and requirements. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before hiring an eCommerce web development company.

Know The Top E-commerce Platforms & Tips To Avoid the Risks from Re-Platforming

Essential Things for Attractive eCommerce Web Development Solutions

Responsive Design

The use of mobile phones has increased, and people use their mobile phones more than laptops and desktops. Smartphones allow shopping conveniently. Hence, responsive design is now an innate part of a mobile or web app. With responsive design, a website becomes accessible on numerous devices like desktops, tablets, mobile platforms, etc.

Right eCommerce Platform Selection

Picking the right eCommerce platform to get an eCommerce website built offers scalability, flexibility, and expandability to business owners. Although the market is flooded with numerous eCommerce platforms, Magento and Shopify are used the most.

Highlight Products with Description

The design of eCommerce stores works best when it matches with the products or services offered. The main objective is to display the products and description that defines the website to its viewers. An e-store should also have the perfect color scheme, text, images, and themes that highlight the products and keep them legible to the visitors.

Checkout Option is Mandatory

Checkout options are essential for all eCommerce websites since most consumers don’t want to create an account on every website they visit. By adding checkout options, business owners effectively remove restrictions for consumers to make a purchase. It is also beneficial in increasing conversion rates.

Easy Navigation

Keeping web pages and the search option easily accessible helps visitors find the right product they are looking for. It takes a lot to show the products, and there are likelihoods that they may abandon the website. With easy navigation, people can find the right products in the categories listed without wasting much time.

Website Speed Optimization

The speed of an eCommerce website is crucial to generate online business. A user will not wait for a page to load, which takes much time to load. Slow-loading websites are abandoned, and visitors don’t take much time to make a switch. Hence, it is vital to optimizing website speed so that it yields maximum benefits.

Site Security

Users need to provide personal information while making a purchase online such as phone number, address, bank account, etc. Hence, it is crucial to building an eCommerce website with a secure socket layer to encrypt consumers’ details on eCommerce websites.

Hiring a technically strong eCommerce development company that will help your business reap maximum benefits.

How to Build an Online Store for your eCommerce Business?

Are you planning to start an online store for your business? There is no denying the fact that the thought of getting an online store built is terrifying, especially when you don’t know how to code. Online stores are picking up the pace in every industry because of the ease of searching and buying goods and services. It also provides an opportunity of showcasing a collection of products to the merchants.

You can use many open-source eCommerce software to develop eStores. For instance, Prestashop and Magento offer easy integration of eCommerce platforms to online websites. However, with overwhelming options available, merchants often struggle to pick the right one. Hence, they should make an informed choice by researching which are best suited to their needs.

The inclusion of a few critical features in an eCommerce store makes it easier for merchants to decide which option will be the best fit for their business.

Key Features of Online Store Development

  • Shopping Cart Development: With the help of an eCommerce shopping cart, businesses can help their customers’ shop hassle-free. Customers can easily add their favorite items in the cart, look at the sum, recheck the items, create a list of “save for later”, and so on. It also helps to convert browsing activities into sales.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Easy facilitation of payment is a crucial factor for building an online store. Hence, make it a point to rest assured that your eCommerce website supports all major payment gateways like Paypal, Skill, and so on.
  • Catalog Design: Catalog Design is one of the essential elements of your online store. It enables the management of all products under a single roof. This feature mitigates the substantial time of merchants by doing mass uploading of all products to the server. With the catalog, business owners can conveniently manage the prices of products.
  • Enterprise Exclusive Ability: The platform that merchants choose to integrate their online store should have the ability to act as an exclusive enterprise website. It should meet a few crucial considerations to ensure that the visitor gets frustrated and abandons your eCommerce website. That said, businesses cannot afford data breaches, a disjointed user experience, or periods of site downtime. Business intelligence, store credits, customer integration, etc., are a few features that make it stand out.

By choosing the right eCommerce development company for your needs, you can ensure that your business will gradually grow

Scale Up Your Online Business with Our Robust eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce development is an umbrella term that encompasses several other services. With the help of custom eCommerce web design and development services, you can reap many benefits.

We offer reliable and trustworthy eCommerce website services that will help you in increasing traffic and leads. It helps in developing instinctive, conversion-oriented, and user-friendly websites. With the company’s eCommerce development services, potential consumers can easily connect with businesses offering products and services they need.

Following are the eCommerce services a business would need:

eCommerce Strategy and Consulting

Strategic digital eCommerce solutions are established, keeping the target audience in mind. These custom-built solutions help brands navigate through all aspects of online shopping.

Custom eCommerce Development Services

Every business emotes a different story, so every business needs a personalized eCommerce store. For building a personalized eStore, you can either choose from numerous ready-made templates available or get one developed as per your preferences.

Custom Theme Development and Integration

If you don’t want to use a pre-built online store, you can get one developed as per preferences. Custom themes are designed as per needs and then integrated into an eCommerce store to make the appearance match the type of products and services offered. Custom themes are built from scratch to furnish an entirely fresh look to your store.

M-Commerce Development

M-Commerce development facilitates high-performance, great flexibility, enterprise-oriented mobile eCommerce solutions. The services offered are modified as per the needs of a business. All-in-one solutions are provided for your business to reap maximum results.

eCommerce Web Development

eCommerce websites provide the ease of buying and selling products at any point in time. With the help of high-quality eCommerce web development services, businesses can expand their operations internationally and generate more revenue.

eCommerce App Development

Mobile apps convert 3x more than websites. With the help of mobile app development, businesses can connect better with their audience. Plus eCommerce mobile apps also help customers to shop from their favorite brands in an organized and convenient manner.

Enterprise eCommerce Solutions

Enterprise eCommerce solutions are software enabling larger enterprises to sell products and services online. Such solutions are specifically designed to serve the diverse needs of a business. Such applications provide solutions company-wide for eCommerce, processing of orders, payment, shipping, etc.

Plug-in and Module Development

If you want to develop out-of-the-box eCommerce solutions, you must use plugins and module development. It comes as an extension of all major eCommerce development platforms such as Magento, Joomla, WordPress, etc.

eCommerce Chatbot Integration

If you don’t want your customers to wait for a long period to get their queries resolved, incorporate a chatbot on your website and app. It takes care of the repetitive questions your customers would be having. Plus, you can also program the chatbot to greet customers, inform them about their purchase history, new offers, schemes, and so on.

Maintenance and Support

With the help of maintenance and support services, your business will never face any outages. You must strive to provide an excellent user experience and quick load time to your visitors. All of this is possible with regular up-gradation and maintenance of your eCommerce site.

We are the leading eCommerce development services provider company that empowers businesses and startups with next-gen solutions. We have the expertise to deliver eCommerce strategy, integrations, migrations and support.

Are you looking to get a robust eCommerce website created? Hire talented eCommerce website developers from our team, having expertise in Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, etc. Our team of expert developers will take your online business to new heights. Get in touch with us to build a perfect website built in terms of technicalities, looks, and several other features.

We have a professional team of eCommerce experts who are experienced in developing eStores on all popular platforms. Every website developed by our developers has all the required features — whether in looks or technicalities. Plus, the stores are made SEO-Friendly, so you don’t miss out on leads coming your way.

Contact us to hire vetted senior-level eCommerce developers, programmers, and software engineers on an hourly, part-time, or full-time contract basis.

Having said that, here are some of the Popular eCommerce Platforms you must know.

Magento – Ultimate eCommerce Solutions

Magento enables the development of highly scalable and robust eCommerce websites. It enables businesses to offer top-notch quality services to their consumers and manage their store’s operations seamlessly. Using Magento, you can develop responsive and user-friendly websites that generate leads.

We offer the following Magento development services:

Custom Magento Development

We develop all kinds of eStores using Magento ranging from simple to the most complex ones. Our Magento Developers have the required expertise to build custom eCommerce stores as per your preferences at cost-effective rates.

Magento Consulting Services

Our professional team of Magento consultants comprehends your business needs and offers solutions accordingly. With the help of our Magento consulting services, you can successfully achieve your business goals.

Custom eCommerce Store Development

With us, you can get your Magento eCommerce store customized at any given point in time. That said if you need to get your eCommerce store customized, get it done by our expert team of Magento developers.

Magento Theme Development and Customization

Our team comprehends that every business’s needs are different. After understanding your business’s essence, we deliver customized Magento themes to get your online store developed. We develop robust and scalable themes for individual business needs.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Transition

We build Magento eCommerce stores from scratch in Magento 2. However, if you want to transit your online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2, we can help you do that as well. Get high-quality transition services with great results at the first attempt by partnering with us.

Magento Upgrade and Migration

If you have an existing online store on a platform and are looking to migrate ir Magento, it is possible with us. Our team of expert Magento developers offers reliable development services to get your existing store upgraded to a highly scalable platform. We ensure seamless and smooth migration processes.

Third-Party App Integration

We help you integrate third-party software like CMA, payment gateway, shipping, APIs, etc., to your online store to provide extra convenience to your consumers.

Magento Extension Development

We have an expert team of professionals to offer customized development services as per your needs to support your online store.

Magento Support and Maintenance

Our eCommerce website development services don’t get over with a website’s delivery. We offer round-the-clock support and maintenance. If your visitors face problems operating your website in the initial stages, our developers will fix them as well.

We are the leading magento eCommerce development company providing best-in-class magento development services including custom theme development, extensions development, module development and store development.

WooCommerce – Completely Customizable eCommerce Platform

Pick development experts from our team to develop an eCommerce store with WooCommerce. We create robust WooCommerce stores that offer an excellent user experience. Our WooCommerce store developers specialize in developing creative stores using the latest technology.

We offer the following WooCommerce Development Services:

WooCommerce Theme Development

Our developers have years of experience in the eCommerce development industry and have developed highly engaging user and SEO-friendly WooCommerce themes.

WooCommerce Migration

Want to get migrated to the WooCommerce platform? Our team of developers provides a seamless and smooth migration from your existing eCommerce platform to WooCommerce. We ensure the utmost level of security and zero threat to your prevailing database.

WooCommerce Component and Module Development

Get comprehensive, WooCommerce Module development services at cost-effective rates. Our developers offer component and module development so that you can scale up and make a full-fledged store.

WooCommerce Store Redesign

We offer professional redesign services for your WooCommerce store at competitive rates. Redesign every aspect of your online store seamlessly with us and leverage new features integrated into its recent design. Increase conversions effectively by getting your existing store redesigned.

WooCommerce Third-Party Integrations

Connect your WooCommerce store with numerous third-party integrations available to enhance its credibility. Our developers offer integration of several applications, including CRM, inventory management, analytics, etc.

WooCommerce Payment Gateway Integration

An eCommerce store needs integration for a payment gateway for your consumers to complete their purchases. Our developers can integrate all kinds of payment gateways in your online store for maximum convenience. No matter your needs, get a payment gateway as developed with us as per your preferences.

WooCommerce Plugin Development

Our skilled developers create customized and highly flexible WooCommerce plugins. Each plugin is developed as per the specific requirements of your business. After development, we will get plugins installed and configured to ensure smooth operations.

Magento Store to WooCommerce Migration

If you own a Magento store and want to get the platform converted to WooCommerce without any hassle, our developers will readily assist you.

WooCommerce Maintenance and Support

We offer 24/7 support and maintenance services for your eCommerce store so that you never face any downtime or outage. Professional developers will fix bugs instantly, and your store keeps running without any issues.

We’re WooCommerce experts focused on making high-speed websites at affordable cost. Create your dream eCommerce store by employing our highly scalable WooCommerce development services according to your needs.

Prestashop – The Journey for Growth

Using Prestashop, you can build customer-centric, professional, and efficient eCommerce stores. It is one of the leading open-source platforms that offers intuitive and flexible eCommerce solutions to businesses of all types and sizes.

Below are the Prestashop eCommerce Development Solutions offered by us:

Prestashop Shopping Cart Development and Integration

We help you get shopping carts developed and integrated into your online store. By doing so, both the merchants and shoppers will have a great experience shopping online.

Prestashop Theme Customization Services

Our developers create customized themes for your eCommerce store to enhance your visitors’ engagement. We use the latest tools and methodologies to develop themes that will take your eStore a notch up.

Prestashop Custom Plugin Development

We help you build custom plugins for your eCommerce store to enhance its functionality. Our developers have the required expertise to define add-on custom codes and strengthen different functionalities to the Prestashop platform.

Prestashop Custom Module Development

Looking to get a custom module to integrate into your Prestashop store? With the help of custom module development services, you can seamlessly add plugins and widgets.

Prestashop Migration

Easily migrate your existing website from any other platform to Prestashop and start running your business.

Prestashop Maintenance and Support

We have a dedicated team who assist our clients with round the clock support and maintenance so that your business isn’t affected.

We offer a wide range of PrestaShop services like module development, theme development, eCommerce store development, and SEO optimization to enhance the selling of your eCommerce store. Hire us Now!

nopCommerce Store Development

nopCommerce is another robust and flexible eCommerce development platform having a host of features. It offers many administration tools to develop a scalable website. The best part? nopCommerce is optimized for search engines, making it one of the best platforms to develop an eCommerce store.

Here is the list of nopCommerce Development Services offered by us:

nopCommerce Customization

We can help you develop a customized and highly scalable online store at a quick turnaround time. We have skilled developers with years of industry experience to develop bespoke eCommerce stores that will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

nopCommerce Module Development

We help you build a nopCommerce store module right from the scratch. Along with that, we also develop desired functionalities for your website using specialized custom module development.

nopCommerce Migration

Our developers offer a seamless transition of your existing store to nopCommerce. With no compromise on your current code’s security, we get your website quickly transfer to nopCommerce.

nopCommerce Template Design

We help you create customized templates for your nopCommerce store that matches your business’s niche. We have experienced UI/UX designers who ensure that templates’ development conforms to the latest designs, trends, and technicalities.

nopCommerce Store Design

Build an eCommerce store to outstand your competitors. Our team of developers will help you develop a store that you envision.

nopCommerce Payment Gateway Integration

Our developers are experts in developing nopCommerce eCommerce stores. They can integrate popular payment gateways, which include Google Checkout, Paypal, and many more to offer your customers a seamless and secured shopping experience.

nopCommerce Maintenance and Support

We offer support and maintenance services for your nopCommerce store so that your customers can enjoy a glitch-free experience.

We offer to you best-in-class nopCommerce development services for your eCommerce business according to your requirement at an affordable price.

Opencart – eCommerce Solutions for Small Businesses to Enterprises

Opencart offers creative eCommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes. With Opencart, you can develop fully functional and feature-rich online stores that help you fetch greater conversion rates. Opencart is a favorable choice, whether you have a few products or a massive inventory. With power-packed eCommerce features integrated into your store, you can get scalable and cost-effective solutions by partnering with us.

We offer the following Opencart Development Services:

Opencart Customization

Our expert team of developers can build mesmerizing designs for your store. We help you customize your store according to your business’s specific needs to increase your engagement and conversion rate.

Opencart Store Design

Your desire to own a highly scalable online store is no more a dream. You can build an online store with us that takes your business to new heights.

Opencart Module Development

Our developers are experts in creating professional modules that suit your business’s needs. Get great control over the capability of your business with the help of our Opencart module development services. With our customized modules, you offer enormous shopping experiences to your consumers.

Migration to Opencart

If you are running your store on any other platform, get it quickly and seamlessly migrate to Opencart. Don’t waste your time, and enjoy the benefits that Opencart has to offer right away. Our migration services include transferring content, categories, sub-categories, dashboard settings, etc., securely.

Responsive Opencart Design

Our designers offer beautiful designs to your eCommerce stores, and hence you can get user-friendly and responsive websites developed on Opencart.

Opencart Integration

Our developers offer integration services. Get integrations with several third-party apps for the convenience of your consumers. Simplify your business operations by integrating email marketing, CRM, fulfillment, and accounting in your store.

Custom Theme Design

Get stunning custom themes developed for your online store with us. Our team has significant expertise in creating custom themes for Opencart stores as per your consumer’s preferences.

We are the most preferred OpenCart development company offering OpenCart customization, store design, module development, migration to opencart, responsive OpenCart design, Integration and custom theme design services in your budget.

Shopify eCommerce Solutions – Fast, Responsive, and Reliable

Shopify is the most common choice of an eStore owner. A simple customer management system makes operations easy for both merchants and consumers. Shopify offers great flexibility in terms of customizing your eCommerce store and offers high scalable store solutions. With Shopify, you can build a state-of-the-art eCommerce store with world-class features. The platform lets you explore the potential of online shopping and make the most of it.

Below are the Shopify Development Services provided by us:

Shopify Customization

With our experts, you can get an online store with custom functionalities and features as per specific needs. Our experts deliver custom solutions to best suit your business’s needs by understanding your target audience and business vertical.

Shopify Store Development

We offer full-service eCommerce store development services. Be it integration, development of modules, migration, or maintenance, we take care of all your needs.

Shopify App Development

Our expert developers can add different functionalities to your eCommerce store. Users are going mobile. With app development services, your business can provide maximum convenience to the users by allowing them to shop through their mobile devices.

Shopify Theme Development

Get highly alluring themes developed for your Shopify store with us. Our developers can modify your existing theme or can build an entirely new UI for Shopify Themes. The themes developed are SEO optimized for greater visibility and maximum conversions.

Shopify Integration

With our specialist, you can connect third-party apps with your online store. Our developers are experts in integrating different kinds of apps ranging from payment gateways to CRM to obtain maximum benefits. You can also integrate CMS into your eCommerce store with us.

Shopify Migration

At some point in time, you may realize that your current eCommerce platform is not beneficial or not suited to your business type. We help you get prompt, fast, and accurate migration to Shopify. We offer pre and post-migration services so that you don’t face any problems.

Shopify Inventory Module

We develop modules that help you add and manage your inventory. We’re experts with the functionalities and tracking pointers. We ensure that you get a great user experience working on the inventory.

Shopify Maintenance

Our services don’t get over after the delivery of your website. We provide complete maintenance and support to ensure your store is up and running. Our Shopify maintenance services offered include database optimization, content update, full security update.

We are a leading Shopify eCommerce Development Company offering Custom Shopify Theme Development, Store Development, App Development, API Integration, and Shopify Migration Services across the globe at the best cost.

The Future of eCommerce

Users nowadays want to view, save, and purchase items while being on the go. Hence, businesses should create a responsive website. eCommerce has become an integral part of the modern business world. It is an ever-changing industry, with enormous potential for businesses to grow and carve a niche for themselves.

The whole eCommerce industry realm has seen many disruptions lately. Trends in the eCommerce industry keep on changing. The future of eCommerce is exciting. Social media channels are not just advertising channels anymore; they are also a platform for educating and informing the audience about businesses and their objectives.

Lately, there’s been a change in the buying pattern of consumers. They prefer to shop from social media more than native apps. Along with that, people are using chatbots, voice search, and artificial intelligence to find their desired products.

Hire eCommerce Specialists from Our Team to Build your e-Store

As a leading eCommerce development company with 21+ years of experience in the industry, we cater to a wide range of clients from different sectors right from edutech to healthcare and retail to hospitality. We have the best technical consultants to meet the specific demands of our clientele. We aim to create highly scalable websites leveraging different eCommerce platforms to drive innovations and deliver the desired results. Hire our team of experienced developers who can make online stores to fit your business’s needs.

Are you looking for an experienced specialist who can implement your eCommerce idea into an excellent project to help your company boom? Contact Us.

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